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..not only Athens

I just landed in Athens and the first thing I’m looking for is a glimpse of the Parthenon at a distance but the only thing I see is a tiny arrival hall and a line of yellow cabs just outside the door.

The taxi ride from the airport to downtown takes about 35min and the driver is kind enough to introduce us the main buildings while we drive: “This is the President residence on the right, one big stupid” says the driver “this is the Parliament, here many stupids!”.

They all seem very curious on what you are doing in Greece, how long and where are you going to go next, but nobody tries to sell you anything rather than what’s on them.

Shop by Kilo








Few formalities at the hotel check-in and here we are, the only bathroom in the world where you can seat on toilet and watch the Acropolis!

A quick afternoon stroll around Monastiraki and La Plaka and aperitifs at ‘360 rooftop bar’ with a great view on the Acropolis, impressive.

Sunset drinks

A tasty kebab for dinner and I stare at the young crowd around me, Athenians look stylish, a bit punk I would say. Shops are selling the latest fashion trends and everybody looks trendy and nice.

Lots of kids around, young teenagers in the bars and old people seating at the side of the streets. They said coffee is an art in Greece, I had my first Caffe’ Greco and I almost spit it out, it was like drinking sand and foam, but it had its taste…after a while.







The Acropolis, most awaited sightseeing place. 12euro x ticket to see few of the ancient buildings, a long and steep walk around the hill and unfortunately very little explanation of what was where.

But, yes, majestic in the end, a place I always wanted to visit and despite the massive renovation on going, it still gets my thumbs up.

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