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Little tips for adventure travels packing…and why.

Let’s face it; we all suck at packing when it comes to adventure travels. Do you really need that extra bottle of moisturizer or that pair of shoes that you think you will ‘maybe’ wear at dinner? The answer is NO. You simply don’t, and here is why.

Adventure travels is on the go



MOVE. Pack some good pair of walking shoes, even trekking boots if needed. But make sure they are NOT brand new, walking shoes are meant to be thoroughly shaped around your feet in order to be truly comfortable. In a way or another, new shoes always hurt.

DRINK. Bring a refillable bottle, you will be amazed by how easy is to avoid waste of plastic recipients while on the go. You can carry your own energy drink, tea, and coffee…anything. And what’s great is that you don’t have to choose between leaving an empty plastic bottle behind or carrying it until you find a proper bin, because unfortunately most people make the wrong choice.

MUSHROOM GALOREEAT. We know it’s difficult to control your diet when you travel, but be open and try local treats when on the go. You might find them interesting, exotic or even revolting but the truth is that they are much more healthy than that snickers bar you are hiding in your backpack.


Adventure travels is not about fashion

DRESS. Try to match shirts & shorts with a selection of at least three sets per day, will not work. It will bulge your bag and you will anyway end up wearing only one set each day, if you can’t manage to change for dinner. The truth is that once you are out there, on the go, in the middle of your adventure you suddenly stop caring about what you are wearing and the need to get dressed turns fashion choices into practical ones.


HAIR. Not many of us have the luxury of low-maintenance gloss looking hair when traveling. My best friend so far? My hairdryer. Never leave without it because hairdryer in hotels always suck and my curls don’t make me a happy camper. But if your adventure implies very little electricity, then pack a little hair gel and go for the wet-look, it works all the times.

DOWN UNDER. When on go, bathroom runs can be a tragedy. Have you seen public toilets in China? Then make sure you pack wiping tissues, they will always save you. I try not to sound too sarcastic here, but the truth is that feeling comfortable with your personal hygiene helps. A lot.

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